Weekend Reads - Link Roundup

Here are the top reads of the week:

  • [rounduplink id=”3521″ title=”Clinton and Trump Both Embrace KeynesianismEdit”]
  • [rounduplink id=”3519″ title=”Warren Buffett InterviewEdit”]
  • [rounduplink id=”3518″ title=”Klarman on Value InvestingEdit”]
  • [rounduplink id=”3515″ title=”A Dozen Ways Michael Bloomberg Thinks Like Charlie MungerEdit”]
  • [rounduplink id=”3663″ title=”Research: How Investors’ Reading Habits Influence Stock PricesEdit”]
  • [rounduplink id=”3742″ title=”Private Equity Is the New Hedge FundEdit”]
  • [rounduplink id=”3753″ title=”At BlackRock, a Wall Street Rock Star’s $5 Trillion ComebackEdit”]
  • [rounduplink id=”3751″ title=”3 Lessons From Warren Buffett’s Bet Against Hedge Funds Costs, time periods, and taxesEdit”]
  • [rounduplink id=”3747″ title=”MiB Matthew Weatherley-White on impact investingEdit”]
  • [rounduplink id=”3744″ title=”CEOs See U.S. Economy Stuck in Slow-Growth ModeEdit”]
  • [rounduplink id=”3665″ title=”How Twelve and a Half Cents Changed HistoryEdit”]
  • Vanguard’s Jack Bogle on Indexing, Negative Rates (Bloomberg) [Video]
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