First of all, make sure you catch up with any Vintage Value Investing articles you might have missed this week!

What I’m reading this weekend:


  • Say Goodbye to the Fed You Once Knew (Bloomberg)

  • Japan’s Negative-Rate Experiment Is Floundering (WSJ)

  • Would Negative Rates Work in the U.S.? (WSJ)

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  • Choosing between ETFs and mutual funds? 4 questions to help you decide (Vanguard)

  • Iowa Makes Big Bet on Berkshire Hathaway’s Wind Farms (WSJ)

  • We’re running out of water, and the world’s powers are very worried (Reveal)

See also: How to Invest in Water Like Michael Burry from the Big Short (Vintage Value Investing)

  • The Munger Operating System: How to Live a Life That Really Works (Farnam Street)

  • We are now witnessing Elon Musk’s slow-motion disruption of the global auto industry (Quartz)

See also: Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future (Ashlee Vance)

  • Cheap Bond Funds Fueled Oil Bubble (Bloomberg)

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