First of all, make sure you catch up with any Vintage Value Investing articles you might have missed this week!

What I’m reading this weekend:


  • It’s Time for Investors to Re-Learn the Lost Art of Reading (WSJ | The Intelligent Investor)
  • Buffett Premium? UBS Says There Isn’t Much of One at Berkshire (WSJ)
  • Performance report: Despite troubles, U.S. stocks managed to eke out a seventh year of gains (Vanguard)
  • How Can “Smart Beta” Go Horribly Wrong? (Research Affiliates)
  • How the Investing Industry Could Change (The Motley Fool)
  • The tide turns: Consumers are finally revolting against an outdated industry (The Economist)
  • Analysts’ S&P500 Earnings Expectations (The Big Picture)
  • Since the Recession, We’re Spending Again—But With Less Income (WSJ)
  • The emotional and psychological risks of investing (MarketWatch)
  • The Behavioral Economics Guide 2015 PDF (Behavioral Economics)
  • Tim Cook’s Apple (Bloomberg):

Cartoon of the Week

s&p500 and yellen cartoon