First of all, make sure you catch up with any Vintage Value Investing articles you might have missed this week!


  • Nevermind the Cord-Cutting: The Case for Media Stocks (WSJ)

  • CEO Pay: How Corporate Chiefs Rank (WSJ)

  • The Financial Industry Is Having Its Napster Moment (Bloomberg)

  • It Was a Good Bet: When the odds are in your favor and you still lose (The Motley Fool)

  • Why Bull Markets Make Everyone Miserable (The Reformed Broker)

  • Whose Better for Investors: Kasich, Cruz, or Trump? (The Big Picture)

  • The 10 Best Days (BABINOW)

  • How The Golden State Warriors Have Revolutionized Basketball (WSJ)

  • How Maritime Insurance Built Ancient Rome (Priceonomics)

  • How ISIS Built the Machinery of Terror Under Europe’s Gaze (The NY Times)

  • Unaoil: The Company That Bribed the World (The Age)

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