What I’m reading this weekend:


Lawrence in Arabia: War, Deceit, Imperial Folly and the Making of the Modern Middle East – Scott Anderson


How to Make Sense of Plummeting Global Markets – The New York Times
The Psychology of a Sell-Off – CIO
Dartboard School of Forecasting – Bloomberg Gadfly
Is the barrel half empty or half full? – Vanguard
Visualizing the Flow of Oil Around the World – Visual Capitalist
Seven Reasons Active Management Underperformed in 2015 – CFA Institute
Activists Beware: Huge Investors Debut New Long-Term Index – The WSJ
Google Paid Apple $1 Billion to Keep Search Bar on iPhone – Bloomberg Business
Seven ways technology has changed us – The Financial Times
More (and Best Yet) Evidence That Another Planet Lurks in the Dark Depths of Our Solar System – Slate
And of course, make sure you read any of this week’s Vintage Value Investing articles that you might have missed.
*The Old Boys’ Club: The Investing World’s Diversity Problem
*What’s an Index Fund & What’s an ETF?
*Just Stay the Course…