What I’m reading this weekend:

Buffett’s Grandson Seeks Own Investment Route: Social Change – The New York Times
Belgium is a failed state: Brussels’ nest of radicalism is just one of the failings of a divided, dysfunctional country – Politico
Why ISIS Has All the Money It Needs – Bloomberg Businessweek
Opinion: The U.S. education bubble is now upon us – MarketWatch
America is full of high-earning poor people – Quartz
Adult Budgeting 101: How to Create Your First Budget In the Real World – Lifehacker
Historic Stock Market Crashes, Bubbles & Financial Crises – The Bubble Bubble

And of course, make sure you read any of this week’s Vintage Value Investing articles that you might have missed.

*Value Investing 101: Intrinsic Value (Part 3)
*Charlie Munger Interview with the BBC (2012) [10:56]
*The 10 Most Important Financial Terms Every Investor Should Know