There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. 2017 was the breakout year for cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin exceeding the $10,000 mark and over $3.8 billion raised in the sale year in ICOs. It’s also in the same year that the world noticed mind-bending appreciations like the 50x gains YTD by Ethereum.

Nevertheless, knowing the forecast for Bitcoin and Ethereum by 2019 will enable you to plan your cryptocurrencies investment and get more profit from it. So, what price do we expect for Bitcoin and Ethereum by 2019? What are investors supposed to look at? Just like I conduct some research when looking for somebody to write my essay online, investors should also do their due diligence.


The high prices of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum made investors optimistic in 2017 when they reached their peak price. However, this became a disappointment very quickly. The prices of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin dropped significantly. This drop in prices left many investors with serious losses. Some had losses of as high as 70% in portfolio valuations. Additionally, cryptocurrencies’ searches in Google dropped significantly.

Nevertheless, there is a bright future for cryptocurrencies with the latest developments. The U.S congress admitted that digital currencies will be the future of global money. Coinbase, which is among the largest exchanges globally, has come up with a custodial service that caters for the institutional investors. Currently, it is registered as a broker-dealer. The CBOE is awaiting approval by the SEC to launch Bitcoin ETF.

These are some of the developments that indicate a bright future for cryptocurrencies. Essentially, cryptocurrencies will soon be mainstay in the worldwide order. Being at the top of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin looks set to be the leader in a decentralized future.

Forecast for Bitcoin by 2019

The most ideal way to predict Bitcoin’s future is using the prediction calculator for investment while factoring in the macro-environment economic of the world. Macro-factors that should be considered include action of the government and asset classes’ prices.

For instance, Bitcoin price will correlate to commodity prices by 2019. That’s because Bitcoin seems to shape up the digital gold. By 2019, Bitcoin will most likely trade at more than $10,000. Just like you would want someone to support the argument that they can do a great work before you pay for research paper, you need support for this forecast. This prediction is supported by a number of factors.

Increase in cryptocurrency interest by institutional investors is one of the most important factors that support this prediction. Currently, institutional investors are having the infrastructure set up to roll into the market.

Futures markets started this followed by the custodial services and eventually the ETFs. Upon completion of the infrastructure, big players like pension funds will venture into the market. This will drive up Bitcoin price by a significant margin and the surge can even start this year. This implies that the prediction that Bitcoin price will increase can become a reality even before 2019.

Forecast for Ethereum by 2019

This is another cryptocurrency with a good chance to grow by 2019. Ethereum has good fundamentals that support it. This cryptocurrency can rise above $5000 in the next five years. In 2017, Ethereum price shot up due to ICOs explosion. This was followed by several ICO bans particularly in the U.S, China and South Korea. These bans made Ethereum price to collapse back to between $300 and $500.

Nevertheless, such countries are currently getting ready for ICOs. For instance, South Korea is about to legalize its first coin offerings. China is taking the same step and the U.S seems to be moving in a similar direction by awarding licenses to firms like Coinbase to act as brokers.

Upon regulation of ICOs, they will undergo exponential growth and even exceed the $100 billion by the end of 2019. This growth will drive up the price of Ethereum and valuation to hit the $5000 mark. This is possible considering the fact that it had more than $1000 at a time when ICOs had just entered the market unregulated.

The Bottom Line

If you want to invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum, this is the right time to make a move. That’s because the fundamentals and macro-economic environment point to a bright future for cryptocurrencies. The prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum will most likely multiply in the coming year. In summary, the forecast for Bitcoin price by 2019 is about $100k and forecast for Ethereum by 2019 is about $5000.