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What to Consider When Taking Out Personal Loans to Invest

You might be the type who prefers paying for everything using the money that you’ve deposited in your savings account. There’s no telling though when your entire savings account balance isn’t enough to pay for an expense in which case you’re going to need to take out a personal loan. However, there’s more to personal loans than just that as you can also use them to invest in stocks, real estate, or some other type of investment where you want the money that you borrowed to grow. But what should you consider when taking out personal loans to invest?

1. Check the rates of the personal loan as well as its other features.

Some borrowers of personal loans might be ignoring it, but the interest rate of the personal loan that you’ll be taking out is something that you shouldn’t overlook. In fact, your personal loan’s APR – or annual percentage rate – affects how much money you’ll earn from your chosen lending institution. You thus wouldn’t want your personal loan’s APR to be more than half of the average return rate of the investment where you’ve placed your borrowed money.

To be sure, you should do comparison shopping of interest rates and other personal loan features as offered by lending institutions that you might have included in your shortlist. While time-consuming, comparison shopping of personal loans offered by different lenders can help you make a more informed decision as to which lending institution you’ll end up using.

2. Make sure that you aren’t falling behind in your loan payments.

Whether your investment’s returns are coming in regularly or longer than you initially expected them to, you’ll have to ensure that you’re meeting your loan payment obligations with the lending institution where you took it out. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up biting more than you can chew.

3. Research whether your personal loan investment is doing well.

Investing in something using your hard-earned money without doing any prior research is generally a bad idea. Even more so when the money that you’re using to invest comes from a personal loan. You should carefully study how the type of investment you’ll be funding has been doing since you first invested in it.

If the type of investment you want to get into has historically been performing well in the past, it should be fine to place your loan there. Otherwise, you should probably use your loan elsewhere.


In 2017, more than 80 million Americans have taken out personal loans. While there are several reasons why they’re doing so, one such reason that they might have considered is to invest in something so they could have more money. However, borrowing money and then investing it somewhere can cause you financial ruin if you’re not careful. Thus, you’ll want to take note of the above-listed tips on what to consider when taking out personal loans to invest to gain more money out of such a risky yet potentially rewarding move.

Amelia Smith

Amelia Smith believes that the key to understanding something isn’t always about how good the explanation is, but how engaged you are with the learning process. As such an integral aspect of her pieces for sites such as is to ensure that insurance and banking concerns of her readers aren’t tackled just in a technical sense, but also in a way that they can relate to their lives.