Although running a company can be liberating, you also have to realize that you are single-handedly responsible for your financial future. Small business owners have to provide their own health insurance, and if they have full-time employees, they have to offer their staff healthcare coverage options as well. You need to have your own IRA or 401K account, and then regularly make deposits so your retirement fund grows. With, entrepreneurs and small business owners can choose the direction that their companies go in. You can leave your business profits in a business savings account where they will earn a modest amount of interest or you can invest them and watch them earn even bigger gains.


It has been proven repeatedly that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are both unregulated and volatile. On the other hand, it is very apparent that cryptocurrency is the way of the future. It may become just as tangible as cash and credit. Should you invest in it? Perhaps, but you should at least learn more about the past and future of cryptocurrencies as they relate to the investment world. If your company has purchased stocks and bonds, cryptocurrency doesn’t seem like such a far jump.

Retirement Accounts

Unlike employees, small business owners don’t get 401K matching or stock options. If you don’t plan accordingly you won’t have a retirement fund, save what you may get from the Social Security Administration. One day your business is going to be handed down to someone, perhaps a relative, so that you can retire in peace. In the interim, you need to be building an account that you can use to pay for your everyday needs. Healthcare is going to become more of a concern as you get older, so keeping your retirement account flush with cash will provide a very comfortable cushion indeed.


Businesses sometimes choose to invest in other companies. Whether you make a loan as an angel investor or buy a stake of another company, you expect to see returns on your investment. This is where microloans can help a small business owner exponentially. The way microloans work is that they come from multiple sources. For instance, if a florist needed a microloan for $5,000, the loan would actually be funded by anywhere from 25 to 100 different sources. You might end up loaning said florist a total of $250. By the time the loan got paid back, you may have received $75 in interest. This is what makes microloan investing a pretty safe bet for small businesses.

Wherever you do decide to invest, look for vehicles that are low risk. Even if you have a small business that is very profitable, you don’t want to take any kind of unnecessary risk. Use part of your profits to grow your company, another portion for personal expenses, and the rest either needs to be saved or invested accordingly. It is smart to have as much cash in reserves as possible in case of an economic downturn or a major business-related expense.