Education is not only about what you learn in your Biology, Finance or Math classes. You can gain valuable real-world experience and relevant skills by undertaking an internship, working part-time or volunteering for causes that you’re passionate about. Working part-time while you’re a college student is an excellent way to both boost your life skills and balance the associated costs.

Whether you attend an elite college or the one in the neighborhood, studying is expensive in both cases. Although the government provides a range of allowances and loans to help students, your personal source of income serves as 100% confidence about the future. Thus, you know that your loan isn’t heavier than it is supposed to be. Besides, you have some cash flow that enables you to have fun away from college and studies.

Internships, Volunteering & Working for Free

If you start working while studying in college, you get a great opportunity to gain precious knowledge and relieve financial pressure, as well as become less dependent on a student loan. However, ensure the part-time job you choose does not take up much of your energy and time. Usually, students cannot boast of having much spare time. For that reason, many college students prefer working at their educational institution. Taking into account the limited budgets that most colleges and universities are working with, recruiting students becomes 100% economically viable since it helps to get the work done on time, while students get essential experience and money that is never a waste. Keep in mind that potential roles can be found in many different departments, from assisting in the computer labs to doing all kinds of clerical work.


An internship is provided for college students to enable them to understand better the everyday mechanics of the industry experience in their field of study. It is important to mention that pursuing certain degree programs students must undertake an internship since it is mandatory.

To ensure the chosen internship is legal, make sure it satisfied the range of criteria. First of all, every internship must be beneficial for students, with an emphasis on learning. Second of all, the length of time you spend at a workplace should not exceed 6-12 months, depending on the situation. Finally, the tasks that you, as an intern, are required to perform must be related to your course of study. Done through a particular program with certain regulations and rules, the advantages of an internship are tipped towards the student. Nevertheless, the position is mostly unpaid.


Volunteering is a word that we all hear here and there, especially whilst in college. Usually for philanthropic and charitable organizations, volunteering can be a precious experience for most students of all academic levels. Whatever form volunteering may take, be it preparing food for homeless people or charity work, it provides you with an opportunity to gain intangible skills like empathy, compassion, and maturity that are highly beneficial to both you and people around. Volunteer work can be performed in many different areas, providing you with a chance to help people, animals or the environment that suffer at the moment.

Working for Free

Don’t skip this part only because of the free issue. Working for free is a great chance to take care of your future employment and build an attractive portfolio. Usually, this type of work is performed by graphic designers, writers, and individuals who may be later required to provide the samples of their work. If you’re a writing guru, feel free to get some quick bucks at custom writing service WritePro or any other company available on the web. Busy students who can’t boast of proficient writing skills usually approach this kind of services with “Please, write essay for me” requests and professional writers help them to deal with the written assignments of any type. However, it can be hard to make up a portfolio on the basis of commercially relevant works crafted for the custom writing companies. So, be ready to work for free to add some great samples of your best works intended to showcase your style or method of work.

The Benefits of Getting a Job Whilst in College

Having a part-time job during the academic year is about getting dozens of advantages. Not only do you have a chance to make new friends. It also provides you with precious skills you’ll enjoy after graduation.

  • Time management. With a part-time job, internship or volunteering, you will have to learn to schedule a sufficient amount of time to cope with home assignments and find time to eat and sleep. Once you figure it all out, time management will be as easy as pie.
  • Boost your GPA. According to the latest findings, working up to twenty hours improves your GPA. The point is that having a part-time job makes you learn time management and get every assignment done on time compared to the students who don’t work.
  • Let your resume shine. Every college or university student is looking for anything that could boost their resumes. Future employers will see that you can easily maintain a high GPA while working. Having a job helps you to become industrious and a go-getter.
  • There can’t be too much extra cash flow. Watching your budget rise is something that can always put a shining smile on your face.

Volunteering, undertaking an internship job or having a part-time job in college or university is undoubtedly not the same as in high school. You don’t throw away the money that you earn since usually it goes to bills, while most of your free time now is consumed by volunteering, part-time job, and homework. Chances are you are not going to enjoy going to work after a hard day at college or knowing that you have a six-page essay on “Hamlet’s Love for His Mother” to get done after a long shift. However, knowing all the hard work that you ensure to put in – even if others have not the slightest idea about that – is an irreplaceable feeling.